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Fordham Road Children’s Eyewear

Children’s eyewear in Fordham Road

Fordham Road Children's Eyewear

Fordham Road Children’s Eyewear

Our Fordham Road children’s eyewear includes an impressive array of possibilities. At Urban Eyes, we feel that there is no reason that your child shouldn’t have as much to choose from as adults do. And in addition to sharp, clear vision, we’re pleased to provide the chance for your child to indulge her or his sense of taste and personal style.

The quality of your child’s vision is directly linked to how well he or she does in school, as well as to social development. Nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism are all correctable with our Fordham Road children’s eyewear. Unlike with adults, though, it’s not always obvious that your child can benefit from a pair of glasses. This is why we recommend that you bring her or him in for a comprehensive eye exam before first starting school. Thereafter, a visit every two years is typically sufficient. Single vision, bifocal, and multi-focal lenses are all available, so if your child has more than one vision need to address, that’s no problem at all. We are committed to both top quality and top service, so while you and your child select the pair of frames that will house the prescription that corrects her is his vision, our optical department will fashion those lenses to precise standards. In fact, we are able to fill most prescriptions for our Fordham Road children’s eyewear in just about an hour. A few of the well-known designers whose eyewear we proudly feature are Calvin Klein, Ray Ban, Hugo Boss, Michael Kors, Ed Hardy, and Versace. We have them in various colors and shapes, so no matter what your child’s taste is, we can match it ideally.

Schedule an eye exam at our office. Contact us right now. Your child’s vision deserves nothing less than the excellence that we’re dedicated to providing.

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