Fordham Road contact lenses

Fordham Road Contact Lenses

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Here at Urban Eyes, it’s important to us that our valued customers enjoy the experience of wearing our Fordham Road contact lenses. So we’re very attentive to maintaining an inventory of options that maximize visual clarity and comfort. There is something indescribably wonderful about having the best vision you can achieve, and we are pleased to make it happen.

Our Fordham Road contact lenses are soft, making them easy to put in, and equally easy to wear. Your needs, preferences, and lifestyle will all factor into your decision as to which ones are best suited to you. Let us help you to make that choice. Daily wear are ideal for many people. You put them in to start your day and then you can keep them in for as long as 12 hours. At that point, they should be removed and cleaned. That way they are ready for the next day. Need more time to keep your lenses working? With extended wear, there is no problem. You can even wear them overnight if you so choose. Of course, at some point they still need to be cleaned. If you don’t want to be bothered with maintenance, why not consider our disposables? You wear a pair one time, toss them away afterward, and then move on to the next pair. And then there are color-changing. You may have always wondered what you would look like if your eye color were different. This is your chance to find out the answer. In fact, you can wear them strictly for fun. It’s not necessary to have a vision correction prescription in them.

Schedule an appointment at our office to come in for an examination by our eye doctor. Take that first step. We’re sure you will love our Fordham Road contact lenses and all the great features that they provide.

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