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Contact lens-related infections in Bronx

Corneal diseases can be devastating to a person’s eyesight. One eye condition that negatively impacts the cornea and is common among people who wear Bronx contact lenses is Keratitis. It’s very important that patients with symptoms should see their eye doctor as soon as possible.

Keratitis is the inflammation of the cornea. There are different types of Keratitis. Bacterial Keratitis is generally very common and is the most common type of infection among people who wear Bronx contact lenses. It is an infection of the clear front portion of the eye called the cornea. If keratitis isn’t treated, it could scar the cornea and could lead to serious vision problems. Therefore, Keratitis should be treated by a professional eye doctor as soon as possible. Some common symptoms of bacterial Keratitis include: blurred vision, eye pain, redness of the eye, eye discharge, light sensitivity, and excessive tearing. People who wear contact lenses have a greater risk of developing but people who don’t wear contacts are also at risk. One of the most common reasons that contact lens wearers get the infection is because they failed to either clean, wear and/or store the contact lenses properly. For this reason, it’s very important to following the instructions of the eye care professional as to how to wear, clean and store contact lenses. They need to be properly cleaned and disinfected. They also need to be stored properly. The contact lenses need to be cleaned properly with the lens solution and rinsed properly with water. In addition to things that should be done; there are things that should not be done. Sharing non-corrective contact lenses should not be done. Sharing contact lenses places the contact-lens wearer at a high risk of developing Keratitis. The best way to prevent it is to avoid sharing contacts and to properly care for and maintain the contact lenses and contact lens case.

If you have symptoms you think are from your Bronx contact lenses, don’t hesitate. Contact our office right away. We’ll schedule your appointment with our eye doctor for an evaluation right away.

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